Conference talks: 29th International Congress of Papyrology

Event Description

Team members Petra and Eline are giving papers at this conference, which is held every three years and which this year takes place in Lecce, Italy.

Take a look at the website of the conference, where programme and abstracts will be posted in due course.

Eline’s papers:

A Coptic letter from the governor of Egypt? The case of P.Ryl.Copt. 277

The Coptic document P.Ryl.Copt. 277 has been identified by its editor, Walter Crum, as probably belonging to the correspondence from the Arab-Muslim governor of Egypt Qurra b. Sharik to Basileios, administrator of Aphrodito, of the early eighth century. Although the document does not mention any personal names, it can be reasonably claimed that it belongs to this archive. However, I take issue with Crum’s statement that “it is indeed probable that the present letter is from the governor himself” and offer a new interpretation of this document. Recent scholarship of the language distribution of Early Islamic Egypt suggests that it is highly improbable that the office of the governor of Egypt would have issued a Coptic letter. Analysing the content, language use, structure and lay out of the document and using evidence from the other documents in the archive, I argue that this document is a partial translation of a Greek or Arabic letter from the governor. The translation was probably made in the office of Basileios and the document was intended to communicate the orders of the governor to the inhabitants of Basileios’ region.

The Nessana papyri on their way to The unpublished fragments in the Morgan Library & Museum

The Morgan Library & Museum in New York houses the papyri excavated at Nessana, including a large number of unpublished fragments, in Greek, Arabic, and Christian Palestinian Aramaic. Records and images of these unpublished fragments will be available via, together with the images of the published documents from Nessana. I will present the process and results of my examination of the Nessana papyri at the Morgan Library & Museum, with particular attention to the unpublished fragments.


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