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TuesdaysWith kind regards: convention, standards and breaking the rules in letter-writing

Whenever one writes a letter, one engages with different kinds of conventions: social conventions dictating the interaction between sender and addressee, like forms of address, appropriate contents, and suitable levels of formality In practice, however, we find a lot of variation in the language use, and use of conventions in letters. In this lecture series we want to focus on variation in language use, and the use of conventions in letters from different regions and periods. For more information see here

8 November │Lale Uluç


8-10 December A matter of speech: language of social interdependency in the early Islamicate empire (600 – 1500)

For the final conference of the Embedding Conquest: Naturalising Muslim Rule in the Early Islamic Empire (600-1000) project we will focus on the rhetoric of social dependency. How is language used to describe, establish, cancel, exploit, and manipulate relationships in the early Islamicate empire? We want to examine how relationships between individuals, and between and within groups, are referred to, and how other forms of solidarity underwriting social cohesion are cultivated and perpetuated. CFP available now


8 February │University Dies

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