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Fall – Winter

12 – 14 September
Conference: Negotiation in Conquest: wars, treaties and recollections of the rise of the caliphate

The great conquests of the seventh and eight centuries brought under Arab-Muslim control an area that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian subcontinent. This conference explores the dynamics of negotiation in the process of conquest and the subsequent building of the caliphate. Read more

30 September – 2 October
EmCo guest: Étienne de La Vaissière

Read more on Étienne de La Vaissière (EHESS)

9 October
EmCo guest: Antoine Borrut

Read more on Antoine Borrut (University of Maryland)

29 – 30 October
Workshop on coins with Arianna D’Ottone

Read more on Arianna D’Ottone (Sapienza-University of Rome)

7 – 8 November
Workshop: Rebellions and Revolts in the Early Caliphate

This workshop aims to bring together both senior and junior scholars to present research which illuminates the political and social dynamics implicit in the act of rebellion and revolt across the caliphate. Read more

18 – 22 November
EmCo quest: Minoru Inaba

Read more on Minoru Inaba (Kyoto University)

3 – 6 December
Conference: Ties that Bind: Mechanisms and Structures of Social Dependency in the Early Islamic Empire 

This conference aims to present research which illuminates the structures and mechanisms that allowed the early Islamic empire to function. Read more

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