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Fall – Winter
14 – 16 September
EmCo guest: Paul Cobb

Read more on Paul Cobb (University of Pennsylvania)

Fall Semester
Lucis guest: Maribel Fierro

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17 – 18 September
Workshop: Contesting Empires: Sogdiana, Bactria and Gandhara between the Sasanians, the Tang, Turkic rulers, the Umayyads and the early Abbasids (ca. 600-1000 CE)

This workshop aims to bring together scholars who have expertise in the study of conflict and interaction between the early Islamic Caliphate, Turko-Iranian authorities and the Tang dynasty of China, over the regions of Sogdiana, Bactria and Gandhara between ca. 600-1000 CE.

4 – 6 November
Conference: Politics, Patronage and Protection: Mechanisms of Inclusion and Expectations of Justice in the Medieval Muslim World

More information will be available soon.

3 – 4 December
Workshop: Textual Sources and Geographies of Slavery in the Early-Islamic Empire, ca. 600-1000 CE

This workshop aims to explore forms and functions of slavery represented in textual sources from the early-Islamic empire, ca. 600-1000 CE.

10 – 11 December
Conference: Poetry as History

More information will be available soon.


21-22 January
Roundtable: Working with Collections. A roundtable on documentary sources, heritage politics, and civic engagement.

In this one-day roundtable, we bring together a group of researchers and conservators in the fields of classics, papyrology, late antiquity, history and Area studies to discuss and reflect on the interface of methodological and ethical challenges they have encountered while working with artifacts and documentary sources. We aim to present new research and innovative takes on issues connected to cultural heritage, heritage politics, and to our fields’ epistemologies. More information to follow.

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