Upcoming events


Fall Semester 2021│ Visiting Scholars

In the Fall Semester, Prof Maribel Fierro will join Leiden University as Al-Babtain Visiting Professor. Prof Hugh Kennedy will also spend the Semester in Leiden as Visiting Scholar.

27-29 October│Conference: Expectations of justice and political power in the Islamicate world (ca. 600-1500 CE)

In this conference, we will examine how such expectations of justice shaped political discourse and behaviour in the early and medieval caliphate (ca. 600-1500 CE). More information  can be found here.

6-8 December│Conference: Ties of Kinship and the Early Islamic Empire

In this conference we will explore how and when the language of kinship was implemented as a persuasive device, an operative category, and a problem-solving mechanism in premodern Islamic(ate) societies. The call for papers is now available and can be found here.

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