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24 March│Exeter Spring Seminar “Communities, Churches, and Conversion: Christians in the Medieval Islamic World”

EmCo team member Cecilia will present her research at the Spring Seminar of the University of Exeter, Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (held online due to the pandemic).

3-4 June │Conference: Networks and Ties of Exchange

This two-day workshop presents recent research about trade in the pre-modern Islamicate world by looking at a variety of practices and institutions. The workshop will be held online due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. More information can be found here.

27-29 October│Expectations of justice and political power in the Islamicate world (ca. 600-1500 CE)

In this conference, we will examine how such expectations of justice shaped political discourse and behaviour in the early and medieval caliphate (ca. 600-1500 CE). More information  can be found here.

6-8 DecemberTies of Kinship and the Early Islamic Empire

In this conference we will explore how and when the language of kinship was implemented as a persuasive device, an operative category, and a problem-solving mechanism in premodern Islamic(ate) societies. The call for papers is now available and can be found here.

Conference: Politics, Patronage and Protection: Mechanisms of Inclusion and Expectations of Justice in the Medieval Muslim WorldNo date available yet.
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