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Tuesdays│Worlds to discover: manuscripts from the Muslim world. A lecture series

The Muslim world produced tens of thousands of manuscripts on any imaginable topic – from travel logs and geographical descriptions to accounts of talking trees and great walls that keep monstruous enemies away; from historical accounts about kings and prophets to explanations for the presence of the natural and built surroundings; from veterinary sources and treatises on horsemanship to poetry in which horses complain about heavy riders, and from sophisticated scientific astronomical and medical treatises to instructions on how to turn stones into gold and where to find the source of life. For more information see here

7 February │Bilal Orfali Why Poetry? A Sufi Response

Leiden Lecture on Arabic Language and Culture 2023, location RMO https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/events/2023/02/why-poetry-a-sufi-response

8 February │University Dies – Honorary dcotorate in Oriental Studies for Beatrice Gründler

9 February │WorkshopWorkshop: Wisdom literature in the Islamicate Middle Ages


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